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Tadasana or Mountain Pose
tada mountain

From day one, every yogi will work with Tadasana, or mountain pose. Mountain pose becomes a foundation pose, even a resting pose, like Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward facing dog. The fun aspect to a pose that you engage in on a regular basis is bringing back to your consciousness the power and meaning of the pose so that it stays fresh, vibrant and has real value.

Clearly the name Mountain implies a lot of the meaning of the pose. You are strong, tall and unwavering. Mountains cannot be easily moved. You make Tadasana much more meaningful and powerful if you can use it to stabilize not only your physical body, but also you mind and spirit. You know you achieve stability of mind-body-spirit when your body itself stops swaying. At first you might find that you are moving side to side or backward and forward. To get a better sense of your own movement try closing your eyes when you get into the pose. With your eyes closed you enhance your sense of physical motion. Can you become a mountain?

Preparation and Pose Tips
Stand straight and pull both your legs and feet together. Take your toes and raise them all up, let them flex out a little and set them down again as you allow your arches to rise up. Your bit toes touch. You can pull your legs together to create a strong foundation for your mountain. Feel and literally alow your spine to grow tall. Your chin is parallel to the ground and your arms rest at your side, comfortably and still. Breath into your chest, slow deep breaths. Gently move your abdomen, your uddiyana banda, towards your spine. Pull your shoulders first back and then down. Like many yoga poses you can create a simple, yet effective opening as you reach down with your arms and lift up through your spine, neck and head. Now, the fun part: allow energy to rise up through your body towards the top of your head, the crown chakra.

This pose is a great help for your posture. It strengthens your back and your abdomen, and can help with flat feet.

Advanced or Partner
There are variations to the mountain. You can, for example, raise your hands above your head, either keeping them parallel to your ears, or touching the palms to form a V above your head. If it is comfortable you can look slightly upwards.

Tadasana is a first chakra pose.

Do not strain your neck, especially if you have neck problems. Be gentle with yourself.. you can be a mountain without struggle. Smile as you are still.

You can maintain Tadasana for five to eight breaths.

Recovery and Counterpose
Mountain does not really require a recovery pose. However, it is a pose that can set you up for lots of next poses. One nice sequence is to use it as the foundation for floating down into Uttanasana, or forward bend. If your hands are above your head you float them out to the sides and simultaneously lower your arms and body down toward your feet.

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